Table Manner or Dining Etiquette

To be a professional food service you have to learn dining etiquette.
Dining etiquette for food handler is a silent communication between food handler and the guest.

For sure guest doesn’t like to be disturb when they have dine, but they given several signal to the server by dining etiquette.

To learn dining etiquette is a must for food handler to being professional.
With learning dining etiquette we will know what the guest needs and what the guest want just from the signal they give.

But a food handler should be knowledgeable about the dining etiquette, since nowadays Asian food like Chinese, Japanese and Middle east food have growth rapidly become international dining.
That they have own way on dining etiquette.

I have been conduct many table manner class during my professional life and what I want delivered the message is Table Manner is not only Western Set Menu that most people do it for every occasional.

Its not correct to implement Western Table manner when you serve Japanese or Chinese food. It’s different world !

When I was on school my college teach me a table manner without giving explanation behind it and make me a question for several years

“Why I learn different things from my elementary school and college ?”
“Did, my teacher is learn me something not right ?”
“Did they didn’t understand what is table manner is ?”

I growth in Indonesia, my elementary teacher is teaching different way about the dining etiquette, off course as a new college student get a new learn without explanation behind will result different things.

I starting to judge every where when I have dining experience, I judge in my home, I judge in fastfood, I judge every where that I think it’s right, but in fact I was stupid. LOL

Then getting years by years in hospitality industry and thanks to internet I started to understand what is “Table Manner is”.

In 2009, my professional table manner class is begin with conducted a high rank staff from one of the leading bank in Jakarta. the result is was surprising me that most of them did’t understand about table manner, in fact they dealing with international client day by day.
What a surprise also they want to learn more about dining etiquette not only Western but Japanese and Chinese also.

From the short story above what I want to achieve is you have to understand when you learn Table Manner or Dining etiquette you have to use base on the culture surround you.

So here we are started with..

What is Table Manner or Dining Etiquette is ?

“Table Manners or Dining Etiquette” refer to customs and conduct followed at the dining table, including how we use eating utensils in a correct manner.
Different cultures have different rules and particular practices in table manners. For example, putting your elbows on the table is not an appropriate thing to do.

So the conclusion is Table Manner or Dining Etiquette is a culture.

My teacher is right because they teach me “Indonesian table Manner”
My Lecture is also right because they teach me “Western Table Manner”
What is missing link is the background about the table manner.

So when you done read this bad copy-write article you will understand that “Table Manner is A Culture”

In the next Article I will write about :

  • Western Table Manner as the most using and as a standard in hospitality Industry.
  • Chinese Table Manner also famous in Indonesia for Chinese Set Menu event.
  • Japanese table Manner
  • Indonesian Table manner because I love Indonesia :)

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Definition of Banquet Operation

The history  of the foodways of the ancient Greeks and Romans provide richtraditions on which European and North American societies have developed their food preparation and service styles. In this chapter, we discuss the devel-opment of the banquet menu using illustrations from the three-course medieval menu of 25 menu items served at the banqueting tables of England’s
Richard II in A.D. 1387 to the elaborate menu featuring oranges served by the Archbishop of Milan in 1529. The transformation of the menu to the nine-course format that is the basis of contemporary menus occurred in 1867 in Paris, followed closely by 8 + 7 course adoptions.

European banqueting traditions are reflected in American banqueting customs from pre-revolutionary dinners to presidential banquets served at the White House in Washington,D.C.

The history of banqueting reflects the cultural changes in American banqueting practices and the contributions of Thomas Jefferson to the evolution of the White House banquet menu from the medieval format to the early-nineteenth-century French format of nine courses.
Presidential menus show the influence of personal style culminating in the contributions of Jacqueline Kennedy, who brought the influence of the 1960s nouvelle-cuisine revolution to the White House, reducing the menus to four or five courses.

1. A sumptuous feast; especially: an elaborate and often ceremonius meal for numerous people in honor of a person.
2.:A meal held inrecognation of some occasion or achievement
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STP Bandung ’95
Banquet is an Organize Party in Advance

An Organize : 
“It’s about planning, organizing, action or execution and control that have purpose for the better result”

Party : 
“It’s a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes
of socializing, conversation, or recreation. A party will typically feature food and beverages, and often music and dancing as well”.”

“It’s before the time”

Conclusion : 
Every party that have been plan before and organize by people  we can call as a banquet

We are Living in Banquet :
Have you ever plan a party for your self , family or for your organization in High School or campus ?
Still remember how you arrange your party ; create a committee, book place, meeting, choosing menu, think about decoration, count your budget, create a rundown, and etc.
How fun and exciting, and you feel success when everything run in smooth. You and  ☺ your team feel happy ☺

Banquet Operation
its self is a department under food and beverage division , that have main job to operate banquet business in Hotel business.
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